Yarsa Tech

An electronics manufacturing company in Nepal. We are pioneering electronics mass-manufacturing in Nepal with global standards. Based in Pokhara, Yarsa Tech leads the nation's growing electronics sector, aiming to redefine "Made in Nepal" with its globally competitive tech products.

Making Electronics in Nepal

We are making awesome consumer electronics in Nepal since 2022.

Nizi Power – Uninterrupt your Internet

Ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity during outages, securing seamless online experiences.

Nizi Light Sensor – Automatic Switch

Intuitively manages your lighting, adjusting based on luminosity variables, freeing you from manual switches.

AudiQR – Audio Payment Notifier

Provides a reliable QR payment solution with secure, customizable features and instant merchant onboarding at an affordable price.

Nizi Motor Controller – Smart Water Level Monitor

Turns manual water tank monitoring obsolete, preventing overflow with its smart water level monitoring system.

Video Gallery

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Crafting Electronic Devices in Nepal

Product Reveal for Nizi Power 12V

Our Capabilities

We're crafting an electronics manufacturing ecosystem in Nepal, featuring electronics R&D, prototyping and mass manufacturing facilities.

Electronics Design

Our Electronics R&D division drives innovation, designing complex electronics for tomorrow's solutions. Our experienced electronics engineers are constantly innovating like no other company in Nepal.

PCB Fabrication

Our PCB Fabrication engineers utilize our in-house lab to manufacture precise circuit boards. These are the groundwork for all our electronic products.

PCB Assembly

Our inustrial-grade SMT assembly line streamlines precise component placement and automatic optical inspection ensuring quality, efficiency and speed.

Product Design

Our team specializes in designing user-centric, aesthetically pleasing products tailored to market needs. We craft products that enhance user experience and functionality.

3D Printing

Our in-house 3D Printing Facility offers versatile prototyping mediums, turning ideas into tangible models swiftly. Our FDM and SLA 3D printers are at service to our mechanical engineering unit.

Rapid Prototyping

We have in-house capabilities for rapid prototyping. Resin-printed molds, CNC machines, lasers and in-house packaging designers, we bring speed and versatility to prototype development.

Mass Manufacturing

With in-house industrial-scale injection molding machines and a comprehensive PCBA facility, we ensure seamless, high-volume production from start to finish.


Our branding teams work with our design team to design enclosures and packaging with both durability and aesthetic appeal. We ensure both our products and packaging elevate our brand experience.